CES 2016

Living the Smart Life

Smart technology was on full display at CES 2016, connecting objects to the internet and to us. The smart home will help us better save money and enjoy our lives, and the smart car will keep us safer and better connected away from home.

Connected security systems monitor our homes using video and other information sharing capabilities, and they better recognize us by integrating with our smartphones. Smart thermostats, water systems and electrical systems also reduce energy usage and costs. Roost debuted their 9V smart battery for smoke alarms which transforms existing 'dumb' smoke alarms into a smart alarm. Via the familiar 9V form factor, free mobile app and advanced Wi-Fi technology, the Roost Smart Battery sends notifications to your smartphone whenever the smoke alarm sounds. With five years of battery life, and advance warning, it also eliminates those annoying three am low battery chirps.

Connected TV's, mobility, virtual reality and HDR were also among the top technology at CES 2016. One of the biggest trends were connected TV's thanks to the growing usage. A recent survey from Horowitz Research shows that 70% of people age 18-34 have a TV that is connected to the Internet for streaming video and that 75% have access to an SVOD service. Every major and minor TV manufacturer has incorporated Ultra HD into their 2016 product lineups and at least three suppliers—Samsung, Panasonic and P&F's Phillips launched the first wave of 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray players at the show.

Outside of the home, nine automakers—Audi, BMW, Chrysler, GM, Ford, Hyundai, Mercedes, Toyota and Volkswagen as well as 115 automotive tech companies, and the Vehicle Intelligence marketplace, showed us what is to come in regards to; electric vehicles, collision avoidance, parking assistance and other car safety tech. JVC Mobile brought Apple Car Play and high-res audio playback to its aftermarket car-audio lineup for the first time. They also launched their first four head units that connect to an optional iDataLink Maestro module to maintain factory dashboard functions, such as GM OnStar when OEM head unit is replaced.

To say that I was blown away by the insightful products at CES 2016 would be an understatement. The innovation displayed will make our lives healthier, safer, more convenient and enjoyable. The smart home and automobile, bolstered by the Internet of Things (IoT), will provide greater efficiencies, convenience and conserve energy, resources and time. IoT will take disruptive innovation to a new level, influencing everything we do as new connected paradigms are established.