Research & Development (R&D)

Creating differentiation through research and science.

In order to remain a leader in their respective marketspace, companies must continually look for competitive differentiators. Traditional research methods often reveal these opportunities, but provide little means of achieving them when the proposed differentiators are outside of a company's core business and manufacturing practices.

i3 offers a unique, scientific approach for bridging the gap between the identification of new design opportunities and the realization of those ideas. Through the application of chemical, material and technology research, our experienced R&D department provides a solid foundation for the design and engineering decisions required to transform new opportunities into tangible results. This is accomplished while minimizing risk through quantitative testing and long-term insight into how those ideas can be protected and executed in a production setting.

Service Offerings

Materials Research & Evaluation Chemical Research & Testing Surface Chemistry & Physics Structural, Thermal & Fluid Analysis & Simulations Technology Investigation & Research Product Benchmarking Reliability & Life Testing IP Development Process Development & Scale-Up