Get Fit MKE

Brand Identity & iOS App

Design Challenge

Historically Milwaukee has been better known for its beer and cheese than its healthy living. There is however, a strong community of people dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle through exercise, eating right and engaging in the numerous fitness events and activities throughout the area.


Get Fit MKE was founded with the premise of making it easier for those in Milwaukee dedicated to healthy living (and those looking to join-in) to find local competitions, eateries and other events with like-minded individuals. Get Fit MKE realized that in order to be successful they needed an impactful brand that captured their love of the city and that communicated their message to a modern/youthful audience.


Numerous logo concepts were generated for Get Fit MKE based upon design elements unique to Milwaukee and the surrounding neighborhoods. Eventually a city-scape design was selected and paired with the tagline 'Eat-Play-Live' to complete the brand message. A design guide was developed and utilized in the design of the upcoming Get Fit MKE iOS app which will serve as the information hub for the organization and its members.

  • Software
  • Brand & Packaging Design