P1 Pedals

Design Challenge

The holy grail of the power meter industry was the ability to accurately measure the independent power input of a cyclist’s legs. Powertap challenged themselves and i3 to achieve this goal by developing the first ever set of bike pedals with fully integrated power meters within them – no peripherals would be acceptable.


Due to the limited space provided by a traditional pedal envelope, Powertap and i3 developed detailed DFMA configurations that explored numerous architectures for the new pedals. By balancing the size, weight and technological limitations of various components, a workable architecture was achieved for multiple rounds of prototyping and testing.


To ensure the Powertap P1 Pedals would be a truly paradigm shifting product, i3 created a unique pedal aesthetic expressive of the Powertap brand that connected with consumers looking to achieve the ultimate training experience. With the launch of the P1 Pedals, Powertap cemented their place atop the power meter market.

  • Product Design
  • Brand & Packaging Design