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top sleeve cutout top body cutout top button lightt
electronics wave spring plastic floor
Chamfer inside housing outside housing inhaler body
button left light pipe right light pipe

Light Pipes

Snap-in light pipes replaces those fastened with a secondary process and 2 screws.

Actuator Button

Slide-in actuator button replaces a complex button requiring a heat staking process.

Wave Spring

A single wave spring replaces 4 small compression springs, a metal carrier and 4 retaining screws.

TPE Overmold

Medium grade FDA approved TPE overmold material allows the device to be reusable from one medication to the next.

Featured Work

Propeller Health

i3's DFMA [Design For Manufacturing & Assembly] approach challenges existing design practices, manufacturing processes, and overall product cost.

Using extensive plastic injection molding experience and tooling design knowledge, the 23 components, multiple secondary processes were reduced to 8 components and a 20% overall reduction in size.

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