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The unfortunate reality of many cancer treatments is that they damage healthy cells along with their cancer targets. Accuray believes that better technology leads to better treatment and longer, healthier lives. After acquiring the TomoTherapy brand, Accuray wanted to update the Tomo radiation therapy machines to optimize the overall design and better reflect the precision of the treatment.



Empathy. This was the focus of the ground-up redesign of the Tomo HD unit. Empathy for installers, service technicians, medical staff and most importantly the patient. The machine had to meet the needs of all groups to ensure that nothing would prevent a patient from receiving their scheduled treatment.



Extensive DFMA efforts driven by ethnographic research ensured the machine could be serviced in a manner that never put the machine out of commission. Common components were used wherever possible to reduce overall cost and special attention was paid to the cleanability of parts.

A clean, modern aesthetic was developed that welcomed the patient into the treatment room and metal details and accent lighting were implemented to portray the precision and technology inside the machine.