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View showing different states of controller screens




Liquid handling is key to the life science, medical and research markets; the need to handle these liquids precisely and efficiently is essential. 

Our client, a global manufacturer of laboratory equipment, approached i3 when updating the design of their electronic pipette product line.  The goal was to optimize the ergonomics, user interface and performance while maintaining competitive costing in the marketplace.


Ergonomic and fully functional prototypes were developed, and vibration and sound testing were completed to ensure the user experience and quality were at the highest standards.

detailed view of controller on blue background


With the integration of design and engineering, the solution was to develop an ergonomic pipetting controller that is perfectly balanced in the user’s hand, with contoured triggers to prevent fatigue, even after hours of use.  Smooth trigger action allows the user to precisely control the aspirate and dispense speed.  

The display gives the user a visual feedback on battery life, pipetting mode and speed.  The speedometer icon changes as the thumbwheel are turned giving a visual indication of speed during aspiration mode.