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As epilepsy research centers have grown in sophistication, so too has their need for more advanced equipment. Natus understood that in order to create a best-in-class amplifier, it was crucial to incorporate the needs of doctors and technicians while maintaining a strong focus on the patient experience.


A ground-up platform design was necessary to allow for efficient test setup and that also provided patients with a level of personal freedom and normalcy. Ergonomic mock-ups, drop-test analysis, thermal analysis and field-test prototypes ensured empathy for patients, and a durable, functional design for medical personnel.


Natus amplifier on blue background


The new amplifier configuration allowed for the transition from routine patient testing to long-term monitoring without the need to reapply electrodes or large pieces of secondary equipment. The compact design can be comfortably worn on a belt or in a harness, allowing patients to complete their monitoring at home instead of in the hospital.

A consumer-electronic inspired aesthetic aided in constructing an experience that patients could embrace.