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top view of the power table




Charging tables that allow individuals to power-up their phones and tablets have become commonplace in today’s connected world. The problem with them however, is that they are reliant on existing (and often old) infrastructure not suited to the modern way of learning, socializing and conducting business.


With i3's assistance, Palmer Hamilton set out to change the landscape of charging furniture by developing a table that utilized rechargeable batteries as its sole power source. No more outlets. No more cords. The freedom of placement offered by the ReLoad table would encourage greater social interaction between users and allow facilities to customize their venue to best serve each unique event.


Set of three tables


By mapping out the overall user-experience, i3 was able to assist Palmer Hamilton in addressing each detail of ReLoad’s design; assembly, service, battery-life, battery charging, visual cues, and more. Sound mechanical engineering, electrical integration, and a modern aesthetic completed the program that leads to ReLoad’s Gold Award at NeoCon 2014.