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Powertap was set on becoming the first company to offer a complete system of power meter solutions: Hub, Pedals & Chainring. With their Hubs well established in the market and their P1 Pedals on the way, Powertap's focus shifted to developing an innovative chainring meter.


Most chainring power meters require cyclists to replace or modify their (often expensive) cranks with ones designed specifically for that meter. This adds unnecessary product cost or requires cyclists to alter the stiffness and performance of their personal cranks to fit their chosen meter. These were deemed unacceptable solutions for Powertap’s offering.

Rendering of pedal & chain on bike


i3 collaborated with Powertap to develop a ground-breaking product architecture that would accept a wide-range of standard alloy and carbon cranks without modification.

The C1 Chainring allows a cyclist to monitor the power input from both legs with Bluetooth integration to their cycling computers. i3 ensured a cohesive brand presence by utilizing high-end material finishes, a subtle color scheme and unique branding elements in the design.