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exploded view of inhaler on blue stylized background




Asthma and COPD are the 5th and 6th most costly medical conditions in the US, estimated at $50 billion annually. Propeller Health’s mission is to reduce these costs by providing tools for improved self-management of asthma and COPD symptoms. This approach allows patients to better understand their asthma triggers while aiding doctors in more accurately identifying high-risk patients before a crisis.


Propeller Health wanted to develop a connected system of products and digital tools that would track a patient's medical use for them. The solution was a blue-tooth sensor that would record medicine use and communicate that information to a proprietary mobile app. The app would also track the time and locations of use.


Prototypes of the inhaler sensor


The BLE Sensor was developed through a true integration of design and engineering. The sensor’s touch-points, materials, and electrical reliability were all crucial to making the overall system a success.

Numerous prototypes were created by Propeller Health and i3 to validate each design and engineering detail to ensure the proper user experience and quality.

"They’ve exceeded our expectations in key areas of the product. The products they’ve built for us were easy to manufacture and they were stylish in a way that made medical devices more interesting to consumers."

Greg Tracy, Propeller Health

"The i3pd team has proven to be the perfect partner for Propeller Health. Wayne and team have matched our pace, our attention to detail and quality standards required to build robust medical devices... i3pd was a perfect fit for us when we were small and building a single product and remain a great partner for us as we’ve grown into an international company with over a half-dozen products.

Greg Tracy, Propeller Health