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Doctor talking with patient about knee surgery




Joint replacement and undergoing surgery can be a life-altering event for patients. Strive MedTech is a total care platform built to redefine the delivery of musculoskeletal care in the industry through mobile software and wearable technology. Dr. Padraic Obma and his team approached i3 to partner with for the development of a new sensing technology and wearable device that would help diagnose and monitor the patient through pre-op, surgery, and post-op care.

Detail view of boards in Strive devices


Focus was placed on the patient’s experience; ergonomic prototypes were developed early-on to aid in discovery of a solution that was intuitive to the user and firmware was developed that provided the needed data collection. The first Beta unit communicated with a single wire, collecting patient data and providing a platform for patient testing and a system to build upon. This final solution allows the sensors to communicate wirelessly and transport that data to a smart device via Bluetooth. The data eventually is sent from the device to the cloud, allowing care providers easy access to their patient’s progress.


The Strive MedTech healthcare app gives providers access to patient information, the capability to monitor exercises, provide educational materials and surveys to the patient and the ability to conduct remote visits, enhancing the patient’s recovery outcome. High quality wearable sensors allow for monitoring and remote transfer of live data to multiple platforms and send real-time feedback to the patient mobile app. The devices detect range of motion to set benchmarks and to track the healing process.